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> Accueil > EU Presidency 2015 > Events > Workshop “What European territory do we want?” on Territorial Scenarios and Visions of Europe for 2050 (23rd April 2015, Luxembourg-City)

Workshop “What European territory do we want?” on Territorial Scenarios and Visions of Europe for 2050 (23rd April 2015, Luxembourg-City)

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Workshop preparing a political debate on Territorial Scenarios and Visions of Europe for 2050

  • Making the future European territory visible
  • Understanding the future territory of Europe
  • Finding appropriate answers today for the challenges of tomorrow

organised by the incoming Luxembourg Council Presidency
in the framework of the IT-LV-LU Trio Presidency Programme

23 April 2015 in Luxembourg-City
Centre de Conférence - Hôtel Parc Belle-Vue
5 Avenue Marie-Thérèse
L-2132 Luxembourg

The workshop “What European territory do we want?” was organised by the Department of Spatial Planning and Development in the context of the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2015. The purpose of this workshop was to prepare a political debate on European Territorial Scenarios and Visions for 2050 by critically assessing the available material and discussing potential approaches. The target audience of the workshop were policymakers, scientific researchers, and stakeholders from all sectors at the European, transnational, national, and regional level.

The workshop was divided into two main sessions that consisted of keynote presentations and impulse statements to showcase the available material and clarify access points for a political debate.

Session 2 dealt with scenarios as well as scenario-building processes. The discussion topics were:

  • What evidence do we have?
  • What issues do these processes address?
  • What is politically relevant?
  • What are the possible choices?
  • What are the possible outcomes of discussing scenarios?

Session 3 dealt with visions as well as visioning processes. The discussion topics were:

  • Is Europe ready for discussing a territorial vision?
  • To whom should a vision be addressed?
  • For which policy fields could a vision be relevant?
  • Which policymakers could be addressed?

On the basis of the workshop results and conclusions, an expert was invited to prepare a report that is meant to function as an input paper for the political process under the Luxembourgish Presidency. This report will be made available on this website in June 2015.

The presentations are available below.

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   Téléchargements internes  Formats
  * Workshop Program (Final Version)  PDF (413 Ko)
  * II.1 Andreu Ulied - ET2050 European Territorial Scenarios  PDF (3118 Ko)
  * II.2. Lewis Dijkstra - EU Territorial Projections  PDF (1513 Ko)
  * II.3 Liisa Kok - Netherlands Experiences  PDF (971 Ko)
  * II.4 Andrea Ricci - The Territorial Dimension in 3 EU Foresight Projects  PDF (712 Ko)
  * II.5 Rafael Popper - From Scenarios to Open Advice  PDF (3044 Ko)
  * II.6 Alessandro Balducci - Regional Urbanisation  PDF (4277 Ko)
  * II.7 Bert Kuby - Territorial Scenarios and the Committee of the Regions  PDF (261 Ko)
  * II.9 Roland Arbter - Added Value of Territorial Scenarios for the Policy-Making Process - Experience in Austria  PDF (1026 Ko)
  * III.1 Peter Mehlbye - ESPON ET 2050 - An Open and Polycentric European Territory  PDF (2352 Ko)
  * III.2 Talis Linkaits - VASAB - Macro-Regional Visions in the Baltic Sea Region  PDF (3630 Ko)
  * III.3 Martin Ferry - European Territorial Visions - Examples from Central and Eastern Europe  PDF (316 Ko)
  * III.5 Iain Begg - Visions of Territorial Development in the European Space  PDF (236 Ko)
  * III.6 Jacek Szlachta - What Inputs Do We Have for a Discussion of European Territorial Visions  PDF (245 Ko)
  * III.7 Judit Törökné Rózsa - A Territorial Vision for Europe  PDF (903 Ko)
  * III.8 Didier Michal - Territorial Visions, the French Experience  PDF (753 Ko)
  * III.9 Horst Sauer - Thoughts about the Future Concept ODER-REGION 2030  PDF (1658 Ko)
  * III.10 Bas Pedroli - The VOLANTE Roadmap, Towards Sustainable Land Resource Management in Europe  PDF (893 Ko)

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